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About Mighty Oak

Mighty Oak is a Massage Therapy clinic based in Saanich, BC that offers a science-backed, person-centred approach to care.

What We Believe In

The best way to describe Mighty Oak is with a quick outline of what is expected of the practitioners working at Mighty Oak.

Integrity & Safety

We must be RMTs our clients can trust, who will be honest with them about what we can/cannot do for them.

Skill & Professionalism

We must be highly skilled and educated RMTs to offer our clients the best opportunity to address their issue.

Empathy & Understanding

We must always do our best to get to know and understand our clients in order to empathize with their needs.

Support & Representation

We must always operate with the best interests of our clients beyond all else, and respect everyone equally.

Meet The Practitioners

Follow the links below to learn a bit more about the compassionate and skilful practitioners at Mighty Oak Massage Therapy.

Megan Fredheim

Owner & RMT

Meet Megan

Jocelyn Kirton

Registered Massage Therapist

Meet Jocelyn

In a Nutshell

Looking for a brief and general overview? Here’s Mighty Oak Massage Therapy, in a nutshell.

Based in Saanich

Mighty Oak operates out of a large office on the third floor of the DataTech building Business Center in Saanich, BC. Now open 7 days a week!

Direct Billing

Mighty Oak offers direct billing to most extended health plans, and many are being added all the time.

RMT Owned

Mighty Oak Massage Therapy was established in June of 2021 by Megan Fredheim who has been practising as an RMT in Saanich since 2010.

We’re Mighty

We’re named after the gorgeous and unique Garry Oak trees which are indigenous to the south Vancouver Island region. These trees are a great visual reminder and a fitting symbol of the resilience and uniqueness of each person.

We’re Focused

Patient-centred care is at the heart of Mighty Oak. Focusing on the person in front of us and basing our treatment on their unique needs and goals is the name of the game.