Jocelyn Kirton, RMT has joined Mighty Oak and is taking bookings. Welcome to the team, Jocelyn!

Who I Help

My regulars come from all walks of life. I hope this page gives you an idea of the wide range of clients that book with Mighty Oak.

4 Common Culprits

People book therapeutic massage for all types of individual reasons. But if there’s something common to many of my clients, it’s often of these four.

1. General Issues

You may choose therapeutic massage to address a general health complaint with an unknown source:

  • Lower back pain
  • Tight, achy muscles
  • Muscular imbalances
  • Frequent or severe headaches
  • Lack of energy

    2. Occu­pational

    You may be seeking relief from physical aches and pains stemming from your work environment:

    • Physical professions/trades
    • Office/desk job workers
    • Physical and mental stresses
    • Chronic headaches
    • Upper back, neck, shoulder pain

    3. Acute Pain

    You may require short-term attention for a fresh injury or sprain that needs rehabilitation:

    • Hobby-related aches and pains, like a gardening or golf injury
    • A sudden-onset injury, such as throwing out your back or waking up with a tweaked neck

    4. Chronic Pain

    You may be experiencing persistent, severe, or constantly recurring pain (aka chronic pain):

    • I have a special interest and understanding of the complex factors that are at work in chronic pain syndromes, which you can read about in my bio

    Who books with Mighty Oak?

    I’ve created some personas to give you an idea of the different folks that book with Mighty Oak. Maybe you’ll see some of yourself in their stories!*

    *These fictional entities are not representative of any single, specific client. They are archetypes developed for illustrative purposes only.


    Acute-Injury Arnolds

    Arnolds are usually pretty busy. Typically in their late 30s to late 50s, and maybe not in the greatest physical shape. Massage may be the only thing they're really doing for their health.

    Probably because Arnolds have a full schedule, and maybe a bit more stress than most. Work and family keeps them on their toes!

    Then one day – BAM! – Arnolds experience a sudden onset acute injury. Maybe they woke up with a “kinked” neck or a “tweaked” back.

    Whatever happened, it’s causing pain and getting in the way of life. Suddenly it hurts a bit to move, getting in their car is difficult, and it’s tough to lift their child.

    So Arnolds need to get this sorted out, and need an appointment sooner than later. Can you fit me in today or tomorrow? (Arnolds appreciate Mighty Oak’s online booking for late-night/early-morning booking.)

    For Arnolds, a few treatments close together usually works well. And fortunately, they’re likely to get decent symptomatic relief after the very first appointment.


    Re-Injured Randys

    Randys are go-getters. Typically middle-aged, you might call them weekend warriors or recreational fitness enthusiasts. Golf, running, and mountain biking are common hobbies.

    Quite often Randys are also busy professionals, and take a proactive approach to healthcare. They’re interested in optimizing health, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and keeping fit.

    Randys are probably seeking treatment due to an acute injury/issue. Maybe some shoulder pain is interfering with their recreational pursuits (and their short game). Frequently this is not a brand-new issue, but something that’s happened before and/or flares up from time to time.

    In addition to therapeutic massage, Randys probably see a chiropractor or physiotherapist as part of ongoing, preventative care to treat systemic health issues (muscle imbalances, areas that might be more vulnerable to injury, etc.).

    Fortunately, Randys are quite motivated to follow prescribed exercises and practice home-care routines. They appreciate the education they get at Mighty Oak, including ways to improve, get better faster, and avoid re-injury.

    Randys keep a full schedule, but tend to be tech savvy, and Mighty Oak’s online booking helps coordinate their treatments and their lives.


    Elderly Evelyns

    Evelyns are enjoying their later years in life, and occasionally need a helping hand. It’s important to have a good connection with their health care practitioners.

    Often Evelyns book massage treatments to help with muscle aches and pains that are causing discomfort during their regular activities. Things like difficulty sleeping, or pain when walking the dog, cooking meals, or getting dressed.

    When it’s time to book an appointment, Evelyns prefer phone calls over online booking or email. They’d rather not drive during peak traffic or at night, so mid-day appointments are ideal (or they may ask their adult children to bring them to the clinic).

    Evelyns may have mobility problems. Fortunately, Mighty Oak can modify their treatments to account for health issues, such as diabetes or heart disease, and can help Evelyns with positioning and getting on and off the massage table.

    Treatment for Eveylns tends to be gentle and ongoing. Evelyns appreciate the safe physical touch and the personal connection that massage at Mighty Oak provides. It’s beneficial, comforting, and just plain feels good!

    Evelyns may also have concerns about safety or access – Covid? Pressure? Undressing? Is the building accessible? What about parking? – and appreciate patience and having their questions answered.


    Chronic-Pain Patricks

    Patricks are mostly middle-aged, and are trying to manage chronic pain symptoms. Often Patricks have multiple areas of concern, or have a history of several injuries that are chronic or ongoing. These injuries may have come from physical working conditions, or a trauma such as a motor vehicle accident.

    Patricks are not often looking for or expecting any kind of “cure”.

    That’s because Patricks have often been through endless rounds of health care professionals, and may, frankly, be feeling a bit fed up with the rigmarole. They have finally ended up seeking massage therapy just to get some relief.

    Massage therapy may be one of a few health care providers that Patricks are seeing to help manage their pain. Chiropractic, physiotherapy, and acupuncture may all be a part of Patricks’ routine.

    Patricks really benefit from ongoing treatment whenever possible. They appreciate how Mighty Oak respects their time and ensures they get the most out of each appointment.

    Booking online isn’t as big of a benefit as it is to other clients. Patricks just want a bit of respite from their persistent, severe, or recurring symptoms.


    Headache Helens

    Helens tend to be career-minded professionals, frequently in their late 30s to early 60s.

    Their work is demanding, often full of responsibility – and stress. Helens don’t always move around too much during their workday, as their jobs can be sedentary or desk-bound.

    Due to their work, Helens may suffer from regular or chronic tension headaches, or even migraines. They may initially require more frequent treatments, such as once per week to start.

    Once symptoms are under control, often Helens benefit from regular maintenance or preventative treatments; say one treatment every 2-4 weeks. Their often proactive approach to health maintenance helps a lot with staying on top of issues before they become serious.

    (Online booking makes it easy to manage their busy schedules, too.)

    Helens are not always very physically active outside of work, and may not have much in the way of a formal “fitness” background or understanding. Fortunately, they get clear instruction at Mighty Oak, and appreciate that they’re never judged or made to feel silly.


    Pro-Active Peytons

    Peytons are very often healthcare workers, such as Care Aides, LPNs, and RNs. These are stressful and physical jobs, though Peytons are passionate about their work and they usually find it very rewarding.

    Work-related issues are common with Peytons. Massage treatments are often booked to deal with a specific area of concern: tension headaches, low back pain, and previous/ongoing shoulder injuries are common culprits.

    Peytons really benefit from full-body treatment. They appreciate how Mighty Oak treats their area of concern/injury and also works on reducing tension throughout their whole body. Because while Peytons might come in to deal with a shoulder injury or low back pain, they also have upper back tension and sore feet/legs from being on their feet all day!

    When it comes to exercise, Peytons are often physically active because of their work, but don’t always have much formal fitness training or background. They’re keen on staying healthy, though, and want to be able to work pain-free while also preventing further injury.

    Peytons spend so much of their time caring for others, and they really appreciate their time at Mighty Oak when someone else is taking care of them. They make great students, and tend to be motivated to follow through with prescribed exercises and home-care routines.

    When they find a therapist they like, Peytons frequently book regular/ongoing treatment to take care of their body – and often tell ALL their work friends to see the same RMT!