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COVID-19 Protocols

We’re nearly back to a pre-pandemic normal, but we’re still operating with safety policies in place to protect our clients and staff.

At Mighty Oak, we prioritize the health and safety of our clients and practitioners. To mitigate the risk of communicable diseases, including COVID-19, within our clinic, we adhere to the following general guidelines:

  • We kindly request that clients refrain from visiting the clinic if they are exhibiting any symptoms of illness or signs of a communicable disease.
  • We will not provide treatment if they are unwell or display symptoms of communicable diseases.
  • We enforce strict hand hygiene practices to ensure the safety of both clients and staff.
  • We maintain a rigorous cleaning routine to keep our clinic environment sanitized.
  • The clinic is equipped with proper ventilation systems to ensure continuous circulation of fresh air.
  • We regularly update our safety protocols to ensure a secure and trustworthy practice environment.

Masking Policy

Our therapists respect individual preferences regarding mask usage in the clinic. We strive to accommodate everyone's comfort levels and ask for your cooperation in respecting each therapist’s masking preference:

  • Megan will be masked during treatment and strongly prefers that clients wear a mask during their sessions with her. She doesn’t mind if they lower their mask to make it easier to breathe when face down, but strongly prefers them to wear a mask while face up on the massage table.

  • Jocelyn is comfortable with clients choosing whether or not to wear a mask, and will wear one during treatment if the client prefers her to.

Thank you for your understanding and for helping us provide a considerate and caring space for all our clients and staff.

Responsible Care Guidelines

To prevent the spread of communicable diseases in our clinic, we follow the responsible care guidelines set by our College. Our commitment to providing a safe environment for clients and staff includes:

Communication & Patient Screening:

  • Clients must be symptom-free when entering Mighty Oak Massage.
  • Clients are informed about mask usage and our policy on masks.
  • Specific instructions such as hand washing and punctual arrival are communicated.

Hand Hygiene Practices:

  • Clients must sanitize their hands upon entering our facility.
  • Therapists wash their hands frequently and thoroughly.

Clinic Cleaning Protocols:

  • Our team follows strict cleaning routines.
  • Linens are used on a single-use basis, ensuring freshness for each client.

Regular Cleaning & Disinfection:

  • High-touch areas like door handles, faucets, and electronic devices are regularly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Surfaces such as chair armrests, desks, tables, and water coolers are also cleaned.
  • Client washrooms are maintained with high cleanliness standards.

Treatment Room Sanitation:

  • After each client, all equipment and supplies, including massage tables and lotion dispensers, are cleaned.
  • Two high-quality HEPA air filtration units are used in the treatment room.

Questions or Concerns?

If you would like any clarification about our health and safety policies, please get in touch. We will be happy to help!