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Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic Exercise refers to the stretches, strengthening exercises, and hydrotherapy prescribed by your healthcare practitioner.

What is Therapeutic Exercise?

Unlike many of the other primary techniques listed on this website, Therapeutic Exercise is not a specific form of manual therapy.

Therapeutic Exercise is an approach to treatment that focuses on educating and empowering you with stretches and exercises to strengthen problem areas.

And because no two people are the same, your prescribed self-care routines will be tailored to your needs. We may focus on mobility, flexibility, stability, posture, or others areas as appropriate.

What is the goal of Therapeutic Exercise?

Education, self-care, and accountability all play a large role in accelerating recovery from both chronic conditions and acute injuries.

Therapeutic Exercise will provide you with background information, practical stretches and exercises, and other recommendations that you can safely perform outside of the massage clinic and in the comfort of your own home.

Through this combination of education and home-work, you’ll be able to take further steps towards achieving your recovery goals.

Does Therapeutic Exercise replace manual therapy?

No. Therapeutic Exercise is designed to accelerate and compliment the other therapeutic massage therapy work we’re doing.

Furthermore, by combining home-care with massage treatments, your therapist will be able to act as an accountability partner and coach who can help you:

  • Judge where you’re currently at
  • Determine how you are progressing
  • Make changes to your routine when it’s the right time

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