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Massage Therapy 101

Learn the basics about contemporary massage therapy, and how it is regulated in British Columbia.

Massage Therapy is Hands-On

Therapeutic massage is a powerful form of “manual medicine” that has been used for thousands of years.

Contemporary therapeutic massage is a skilful blend of modern science and ancient philosophies, combining the best of both worlds. In British Columbia, massage therapy is considered a primary health care profession, and RMTs must complete rigorous training and adhere to strict regulations.

To summarize, massage therapy today is a safe, effective, drug-free, and non-surgical treatment that has been scientifically proven to be effective in treating many conditions.

Massage Therapy is Direct

One particularly powerful aspect of massage therapy is that it is applied one-on-one.

Therapeutic massage is administered in a completely specific way based on the unique needs and presentation of the individual being treated.

During therapeutic massage treatment, the therapist is a highly-skilled practitioner who is completely present and engaged in a form of “physical dialog” with the patient’s tissue.

Massage Therapy Can Reduce & Relieve Pain

Pain is a complex entity. Do depending upon the exact cause of a person’s unique pain, massage therapy may be able to reduce or even completely relieve the discomfort being experienced.

Pain management can be accomplished through a variety of modalities, including:

  • Relieving tight structures (muscles, fascia, etc.)
  • Restoring proper motion to joints
  • Re-balancing posture
  • Treating trigger points
  • Reducing swelling (in acute injuries); and
  • Restoring proper circulation to an area

Massage Therapy is Regulated Healthcare

British Columbia has the highest standards for Massage Therapist education and training in North America, and is second in the world only to Germany.

To become a Registered Massage Therapist in BC, one must:

  • Graduate from an accredited 3,000 hour massage therapy program, achieving a minimum mark of 70% in all courses
  • Pass provincially-regulated board examinations, including a nine-hour day of written examinations (science, clinical science and jurisprudence) and a lengthy, comprehensive practical exam
  • Abide by regulations set out by the College of Massage Therapists of BC
  • Stay current on developments in the field and maintain registration status by fulfilling continuing education requirements

What Can Massage Therapy Do For You?

Each person’s situation is unique, so it is impossible to explain what will be needed for each individual and their specific situation.

However, massage therapy care can improve the physical health, mental well-being, and overall quality of life of nearly anyone.

It’s safe, non-surgical, and drug-free. Book your appointment and experience the benefits that massage therapy can bring!