Find Lasting Relief From Aches & Pains

Massage Therapy at Mighty Oak can help you reach lasting relief from sudden aches, chronic pains, and so much more.

Hello there! I’m Megan Fredheim

Here’s a bit about myself.

I’m a Registered Massage Therapist based in Saanich (Victoria, BC) and the owner/therapist at Mighty Oak Massage Therapy.

I’ve been practising Massage Therapy since 2010. I became an RMT as a way to help people find relief from aches and pain.

My clients have told me I have a “good presence”. I think that this means I’m confident, kind, and a good listener. Clients say I have a way of making them feel comfortable, and in good hands.

Thanks for stopping by!

For more about my background, check out the About page.

Systemic massage therapy

What does Mighty Oak offer?

Mighty Oak provides a science-backed, systemic approach to Massage Therapy.

I suppose ‘systemic’ is a fancy way of saying that I consider your issue, aches, pains, and goals within a larger context.

For example, instead of simply focusing manual treatment on the area that hurts, I’ll look at your experiences, who you are, and what you do. I will base my treatment plan off what I learn about you.

In addition to manual therapeutic massage, my treatments also include an educational component, so you can safely continue improving on your own.

For details about my style of massage, head over to the My Approach page.

Can you help me with ... ?

Here’s who I work with.

I work with people of all shapes and sizes, of all backgrounds and abilities, of all identities and lifestyles.

I help those same people overcome pain, restore lost or reduced functionality, and provide proactive therapy to improve physical and mental well-being.

My approach can be light and gentle, or deep and vigorous. We can focus on a specific issue, or provide efficient yet thorough full-body treatment.

In short – yes – there’s a great chance that I can help you.

For more on who comes to Mighty Oak (and why), visit the Who I Help page, or check out the fictional personas listed below!

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What techniques do you use?

About my massage modalities.

I am trained in a variety of Massage Therapy techniques, including Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy®.

Remember, you don’t need to select a modality to book an appointment!

As a rule I do not promote or rely on any one modality more than others. During our sessions together, you can expect that I will employ a variety of techniques and styles adapted to your needs.

However if you are interested in the specific techniques I am skilled in, you can browse my primary massage modalities below. (Just keep in mind this is not an exhaustive list.)

Saanich Massage Therapy

Where is Mighty Oak located?

Mighty Oak Massage Therapy is located in the Saanich district of Greater Victoria, in the Lake Hill neighbourhood.

More specifically, I’m in the Datatech building at 1095 McKenzie Ave, Unit #315.

You can access an ample parking lot via the southbound lane of Borden Street. You’ll find a Tim Hortons in the same building.

To view a map or contact me with questions, check out the Contact page.